[DW2: Final, by Dave Menard]

Instead of taking him back home as he had expected, Colonel Douglas Sangnoir's first successful attempt at a dimensional gate instead drops him into the city of MegaTokyo, Japan, in the year 2036. When he discovers that the gate will not work a second time, Doug must find a way to survive in a dark, cyberpunk world rife with megacorporations, killer biodroids — and a team of armored heroes. His only friend is an overly-inquisitive girl reporter hiding her own secrets.

After five and a half years, Drunkard's Walk II is now complete! Many thanks to all my faithful readers and all my prereaders over the years. And special thanks to artist/author Dave Menard, for the commemorative image you can see to the right.

Drunkard's Walk II

Dead Bang

If you want to find out what happens to Lisa, Madigan, the Knight Sabers and everyone else after Doug left, you're in luck. Check out Dead Bang by Ian McLeod, the official sequel to Drunkard's Walk II. Doug may have triggered a dramatic change in this timeline, but change is not an event, it is a process... and it keeps on building.

Read Dead Bang.

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