Welcome to the website of Robert M. Schroeck, gamer, author, husband and a few other things, established 1997 and maintained continuously since. While there's no small amount of self-promotion and personal ego gratification to be found here, the major reasons for this website are firstly to provide support and information for many of the gameworlds that I have had published or in which I currently run games, and secondly, to host the for-fun writing I do on the side when not writing for pay. I maintain an Amazon.com Associate bookstore on this site for those who are interested in buying my or others' books.

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Latest Update: 28 September 2012

Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends...

Okay, almost three months between updates. Not too bad, especially compared to some of my longer periods of silence. Plus, it's been a rather eventful quarter-year.

Let's see... where should I start?

Okay, the number one piece of news: I'm no longer working at Micrologic. By late Spring this year the hour-plus commute and a few other issues had basically worn me to a frazzle. I resolved that once I'd passed my first anniversary there and had given them the year that I felt honor-bound to serve, I would start looking for a new job.

Which I did about the time I wrote the last update for this page. Not being unemployed this time around, I decided to be a bit more relaxed and picky about my applications, sticking with only one job site, limiting my search radius to about half the commute I was doing to MLA, and cherry-picking jobs that really appealed to me. Which meant that, by the time the end of July rolled around, I'd made about 10 applications.

One of which suddenly popped up on me in the last days of July and dragged me hellbent for leather through the fastest hire process I've ever experienced — from first phone interview to the offer letter, I think it all took less than 30 hours.

And two weeks later, there I was.

So I've just finished my first month working for a specialty job-search website, overseeing the nightly automated job listing retrieval and processing, and doing some development in C#, VB.NET and ASP.NET on the side, among other things. I've even gotten to exercise my writing and editorial skills recently. It's interesting work, never exactly the same any two days in a row, and I still haven't taken on all my eventual responsibilities.

It's close enough to me that on good days I get home in less than half an hour. Although the location is deceptively rural, there are a lot of good restaurants within 10 minutes' drive, including a Panera and an excellent Japanese place that does takeout hibachi. Unfortunately, the local pizza places are some of the worst I've ever eaten at. And I'd give my right arm for a convenient Wendy's. Oh well. I'll cope.

In other news, I completed and released chapter two of Drunkard's Walk VIII about a month ago. Since then, a couple of continuity errors have been pointed out, and I've had to do rewrites to fix them. So my work on chapter three has been delayed, and probably will be slowed for a while as I refresh myself on a book that I thought I knew well enough from previous readings to write about from memory.

Chapter two of Drunkard's Walk XIII remains moribund, although Helen has been getting a bit closer to finishing some new material for it.

Oh, and Peggy and I are finally starting the whole process of renovating our guest bathroom. As I type this, the first several thousand dollars' worth of fixtures and furnishings are being delivered to our garage. Peg's hoping to have the whole thing done by Thanksgiving, but I think that's a bit optimistic, given that we don't even have a contractor yet, and we still haven't even ordered the rest of the new stuff. I'll be happy if it can all be done before New Year's.

More on this as it develops.

What's New on the Site:

Well, to reiterate what I said above, chapter two of Drunkard's Walk VIII is now available.

A recent dive through my archives turned up the prologue for an abandoned Drunkard's Walk story I'd written six or so years ago, and on rereading it, I decided it actually stood alone quite well. So now I present to you the latest Steplet, Turn Back O Man.

As I promised months ago to its author, I have finally added the second chapter of Fred Herriot's incomplete Stagger The Loon and the Ladies from Avalon to the Fic-Squared page.

And last but not least, long-time readers will probably notice the disappearance of Webring navigation and links from a few pages here. After many reports of misbehavior — primarily hijacking a link and redirecting the reader to the Webring site instead of the page they were trying to get to — I've finally decided enough is enough and removed all Webring code from my pages. I don't think we're going to suffer for it, frankly.

And that's it until next time.

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