For those who don't know already, I'm not only a gamer, I'm a gaming author and editor. I've written, contributed to or edited a number of books for Steve Jackson Games of Austin, TX, and hope to keep doing so.

Of course, whenever a book gets published, sometimes you have to edit it down to size. In my case, since I tend to overwrite, that happens pretty often. Anyway, the bits that go away are often still good stuff, just more than the book's planned size could handle. So I've decided to put up some of this "lost" material here.

Sometimes I have material supporting various settings, other than outtakes from my books, which for one reason or another simply never saw publication. What better than to put this material -- which I still think is good -- here for others to see?

In other cases, the worlds I've written about or created continue to grow -- either through active play or in my imagination -- beyond what is in print. Some of that material is also to be found here.

And finally, there are those campaign worlds of mine which have never been published, but which are currently the homes of active games. For the aid of the players in those campaigns, I've put background material here on the Web, so they can consult it without having to find out which folder or book I've buried it in. <grin> Although of late I've slowed down somewhat when it comes to game-mastering and roleplaying, I still keep my hand in here and there.

No matter which category it is, though, please feel free to browse. And comment, too!

Campaign Settings

Narth 2000
Narth Classic

Published Settings

GURPS Camelot
GURPS International Super Teams
GURPS Shapeshifters
GURPS Werewolf: The Apocalypse
In Nomine

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