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Here's something a bit more fun... and it's official art, too.

[Image: Hayate_and_Wolkenritter.jpg]

Much larger version here
Dropping this here so that I don't forget about it - fanart of Mii Konori.

I'm thinking "first day at the range"... and want to write the story to go with it.

EDIT: Okay, e-shuushuu doesn't like image hotlinking. Shrunken to half size and attached - get the full-size image at the link above.

We'd better be careful which displacees we let onto the school ships... or we might end up with Hamazura re-designing the uniforms for Usagi-san Team.

Safe for work? Maybe... but I wouldn't risk it. Hence the link instead of an embed.
(06-17-2021, 07:38 PM)robkelk Wrote: [ -> ]We'd better be careful which displacees we let onto the school ships... or we might end up with Hamazura re-designing the uniforms for Usagi-san Team.

Safe for work? Maybe... but I wouldn't risk it. Hence the link instead of an embed.

Technically safe in that, as the late great Frank Zappa said to USA TODAY re the (in)famous photo of himself on the can, "There are no exciting body parts showing", but yeah, the outfits that stop them showing are probably not outfits you want a prowling boss to see over your shoulder.
Hmmmmm... where was that post... (searches) ...no, wait - it was a PM. The tl;dr was the idea of friendly "run what you brung" sensha-do matches once the academy ships have shown up.

Assuming there's no restrictions on who can participate: linked instead of embedded because (a) the uniforms are too authentic and somebody reading this might be in Germany, and {b) the comments are worth reading.
Displacees get power-ups too, right?

「ヒヤッホォォォウ!サイヤ人だぜぇぇぇぇ!!」 (translation: "YahoOoOooO! I'm a Saiyannnn~~!!")

[Image: __akiyama_yukari_girls_und_panzer_and_2_...cb1db2.jpg]

Reduced to one-fifth original size. Taken from this pool of 90 of the GnP characters in Super-Saiyan mode.
We have a sempai-kohai thing going between characters from two different residences, don't we?

See here and here if the embedding doesn't work.

[Image: dymlh3-84d89a8c-6121-45db-bc6f-c7e782707...Jl1L8IaNWw] [Image: dymly5-c4e54193-46eb-41d1-82c2-dfa6ec8a3...Ybw1wmzXGE]
Another one for Sakura - this one from 萨摩ssssssamo on Pixv by way of r/Patchuu.

[Image: fps0qd3rtd971.png]

(06-24-2021, 01:48 AM)Black Aeronaut Wrote: [ -> ]Apparently someone has gotten Hotaru into clubbing...

[Image: __tomoe_hotaru_bishoujo_senshi_sailor_mo...0132d5.jpg]

"Wrong club, girlfriend."


(Larger version here)

(07-14-2021, 02:48 AM)Black Aeronaut Wrote: [ -> ]I've actually been playing with this idea that the wish includes everyone in order to de-age them all so they're the same age as Nanoha and Fate.  Of course, there would be conversations to the tune of...

Weiss: "Do you really expect us all to go through puberty a second time?  I know you're in touch with your feminine side and all, but you have no idea how much of a pain it is to grow a set of breasts over time!?"
Ruby: "Speak for yourself.  For me, they were just suddenly there one day.  It was a hell of a surprise that I suddenly had to go shopping for a bra.  I'm just glad that Yang was there to help me - she said that dad was all-but helpless when she had to get her first one!"
R. Taiga: "HELL-LOOO!  Eternal training bra land here!  At least you two *can* grow a pair!  I only get that kind of joy when I unison with Ben and he opts for Girl Time.
Osaka, Tomo, Kuroko, Frenda, Ritsu, Azuza, Ayame, and Mahoro, in unison: "At least you get that kind of joy sometimes!"
The outfit wouldn't be as good without the hood pulled over her head. (Cue the reaction in post #21.)

[Image: __tomoe_mami_and_charlotte_mahou_shoujo_...3fdf3f.jpg]



From the same artist, believe it or not. Shocking, I know. For TNB, maybe Arc 4.

[Image: __misaka_mikoto_kise_yayoi_cure_peace_lu...65d092.jpg]

Saw this one and thought it might have been one of the first effects of Setsuna being severed from the Gates of Time... and it was the act of undoing the effect that kayo'ed her.

[Image: __tomoe_hotaru_sailor_saturn_meiou_setsu...7e9f1e.jpg]

(Reduced to half size. Original here.)
Actually, I think this should be a bit of slice of life fun for next Saturnalia where Setsuna and Hotaru attempt their traditional reversal of roles...

... And someone somehow botches the spell involved, so instead of roles, they exchange ages.  Big Grin

This would only be Ben's fault in that no one told him what was going on and he was performing exercises using his anti-magic field nearby...

And I can just hear Katyusha grumbling in Russian (because Washu-chan took pity on the girl and gave her a Russian language pack).

As for Mami's costume...  Snrk.  Ben wouldn't have been responsible for that one.  Though I imagine that after seeing the anime, Bebe would have presented it as a tongue-in-cheek apology to Mami for all the times she snarfed the poor girl.  And Mami, being the gracious and graceful little lady she is, would accept.

Electrokinetics everywhere...  And for added fun, you then you throw Yamina Micah Rhodes into the mix - the walking, talking, sex Bob-Omb (Hotaru: "That's cheating.") of a living EMP...

Mikoto: "Okay, I get that she's useful, but why?  She's not really an electrokinetic."
Denko: "Being able to disturb electrical fields is close enough."
Elesa: "That.  And way she can pop an EMP on demand?  She's like the electrokinetic equivalent to a wrecking ball.  I was never really all that into Lieutenant Surge and his refuge in audacity tactics, but I'll be damned if it doesn't work!"
Found some old Fanart done for YT2032 --- mostly Meg facing but still, suitable. Art by EndlessNostalgia on DeviantArt

[Image: z6J2Pmxl.png]
[Image: 8FJzGjql.png]
[Image: 4tOCZ01l.png]
[Image: q5gcCGrl.png]
[Image: xyw1M3yl.png]
Those who know who they are will know why I'm dropping this fanart here for later in Arc 1. (Image reduced to one-tenth size.)

[Image: __nunotaba_shinobu_febrie_and_janie_toar...b25fe5.jpg]
i think we all know exactly when this happens in the Metacontinuity.

[Image: __akemi_homura_kaname_madoka_miki_sayaka...d5bfe4.jpg]

EDIT: Image reduced to half size. Source and larger copy
Something for when we're ready to track down Drosselmeyer... so, maybe Arc 2?

Rob's office door opened, apparently on its own. A moment later, Accelerator stormed in. "Get out here. Now."

Rob locked his computer as he stood up. "What's wrong?"

"Remember when I just moved in, you and those girls were crazy for each other?"

"Mii, Ami, and I haven't been like that since ... oh, shit. Who's been affected?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you. You gotta see," Accelerator replied as he and Rob walked toward the common room. "And maybe you can figure out something by looking at them."

Rob raised an eyebrow at that, but kept going... until he got to the common room, when he stopped in shock at the sight in front of him.

[Image: __misaka_mikoto_shirai_kuroko_last_order...3ddaf9.jpg]

His shock only grew when he heard what they were saying.

"Ladies, this sudden expression of interest on your part is troubling me," Kuroko protested. "What would my boyfriend think?"

"We don't care about him, replies Misaka 10032. We only want to be with you."

"You're a lot more fun to be with than anybody else, Misaka Misaka adds!"

"And if that troglodyte complains, I'll just zap him until he gets the message," Mikoto finished off while running her fingers through Kuroko's hair. "Has anyone else told you that you smell nice?"

"Only my boyfriend." Kuroko finally noticed Rob. "Oh, hello, Mr. Donaldson. Could you possibly do something about these young ladies, please?"

"I... suppose I'll have to, Ms. Shirai." Rob leaned over to Accelerator and whispered, "Where the hell is Touma?"

"Usagi's gone looking for him."

"Great. Just great. Just our luck." He turned back to the four girls, and continued in a normal tone of voice, "Right. Don't you have homework to do? In your own rooms?"

A collective sigh arose from everyone named Misaka. "Spoilsport, Misaka 10032 complains as she proceeds to her own apartment."

After a few minutes, only Rob and Accelerator were left in the common room. "I can tell you one thing," Rob said.

"I'm freaked out by this, too."

"Okay, two things."

"Who did this to Last Order? ... And the others."

Rob didn't comment on Accelerator's priorities - the fact that he was willing to make the addendum to his question was progress in itself. "Well, the other thing I can tell you is that Railgun is immune to The Queen's mind control, so it wasn't her. Beyond that, I have no idea. Yet."

(Larger copy of the image)
The Goddesses are in their Heaven.  All's right with the world.

[Image: vGx6UNZ.jpg]
Hey Brent!  Official Art!

[Image: 3e76199cda5b0e9fabd917ddeedb856df987f880.jpg]

Now I'm kinda imagining something like that one scene from EPU's The Revolution Will Be Televised only with Sakura instead of Utena -- "Did you just invoke me?"
Oh cool, a new card for her to get!

I'm not sure if she can be invoked in quite that way, but this card takes her magic in much more of a divine direction than Clow's arcane magic. IMO that is how she surpasses Clow Reed -- by not only mastering his (arcane) magic, but by expanding into these more quintessential types of magic.
Okay - my fault that this digression happened. (EDIT: The digression is now in its own thread.) Anyway. Back to images.

I suppose this would happen in TNB after SI-Rob starts wearing that trenchcoat, and people like the look. A bit abbreviated in their case, though... but, hey - can't hide the legs because fanservice, so duffle coats instead of trenchcoats.

(In canon, this is from "Genesis Testament". Yeah, there's yet another series in the franchise.)

[Image: __misaka_mikoto_and_shirai_kuroko_toaru_...3b31ce.jpg]

Image reduced to one-quarter original size. Source, and source for the image it appears to have been cropped from.
Looks like the image of Hotaru ready to go clubbing isn't on Danbooru any more. EDIT: No, it's still there. Must have been a momentary glitch.

So here's Ruiko ready to go clubbing...

[Image: __saten_ruiko_toaru_majutsu_no_index_and...84fe9d.png]

Half-size - full-size image here
Another one for the more-realistic images collection:

[Image: __kotobuki_tsumugi_k_on_drawn_by_rx__e65...ba8fe4.jpg]

Who is this?
The artist has eight images up on Danbooru... seven of which also appear on Safebooru.
I'm lucky tonight, I guessed it might be her before checking the spoiler.
Now that I'm taking a closer look at that image, I see one problem with it:
But it's still a good image.
I’m pretty sure that’s Alicia Florence. Same eyes, same hair, same tall busty figure.
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