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Full Version: All The Tropes Wiki Project, Part XX
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(07-22-2021, 07:53 PM)Bob Schroeck Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry, Geth, didn't mean to spaz at you. 

I've been undoing Cwf1997 damage all afternoon and evening and it's been getting to me.  How did we let so much utterly incoherent text get added to the wiki?  The man wrote so poorly it's hard to believe he was the native speaker of English he claimed to be.  It starts at the smallest things -- he apparently had no grasp whatsoever of what prepositions mean -- he would use them interchangeably, as though they all meant the same thing and the choice of what to write was purely artistic or something.  And it just gets worse from there.

Nah, it's understandable. I'm confining further testing entirely to my localhost wiki and rewriting the localhost copy of the main page and community portal from the ground up, found a fix for Tabber not working on mobile too, my ideal is to get both Tabs and Tabber working nice on mobile so mobile users have no busted tab formatting anywhere, turns out both look absolutely hideous on mobile and plan to write up a new policy page for usage of either so people can set up pages without horrid issues on either desktop or mobile formatting.

I'll post some test pictures of the fixed versions when it's ready, then port them to the actual wiki if they meet approval.

As for Cwf1997, if they can't edit worth beans, then all their garbage should be nuked from orbit, I share your frustration on that entirely.

Update: My locahost testing is going well, but one of the options causes my entire install to spaz out, so I may need to remove one of the options we currently have using the DynamicPageList extension since the fixed version that works on mobile will crash the wiki otherwise (seems to be a rights issue). More updates when I finish nailing down the issue, but so far looks like the mobile fixes will work wonderfully.
Okay, before I do anything on the actual wiki, here is the new home and community pages optimized for both desktop and mobile view, so people on their computer and on their phone and tablets will see nothing too broken when they look at pages using any tabs

They were recreated using the Tabs extension with MobileTagsPlugin for the mobile view pages and TabberNeue, the fork of Tabber with support for mobile view, as default Tabber does not have mobile support and is entirely broken.

The mockups I'm linking are not perfect, but these should at least have minimal issues switching between desktop and mobile skins, compared to the original versions, which were working on desktop but completely broken on mobile:


I had to change a few section headers to plain wikitext and use a few hardline templates to keep things separated in mobile view while still looking good in desktop view.


In mobile view, the tabs are changed to an accordion-style dropdown that expands to let you read each section without spilling over other text or the dividers.


Here I used TabberNeue for the parts using Tabber, which looks only slightly different from the classic Tabber look in desktop. Note the dropdown menu in desktop view for the page list of red links, this will not be visible until moused over and can be condensed if need be. This functionality already exists for the use of Tabs for those not aware.


Here is the important part. All the TabberNeue tabs, you'll notice have a scroll bar for what goes off screen and will scroll over to what is off screen and back so mobile viewers can see all Tabber sections on mobile phones and tablets.

There were some minor issues with Tabs on the mobile view Community Portal (I'm on localhost, so this may not be the case on the actual wiki, but aside from some minor issues, it looks fine in mobile except for the fact the list does not condense for the list using Tabs up top), but it no longer shows raw extension code breakage like it did before.

It's not perfect, but compared to the horror show of broken Tabs/Tabber markup we had before, this looks a lot better for mobile users.

TabberNeue will replace Tabber, but they use the same syntax, so it will be an easy drop-in replacement. Tabs augmented with MobileTagsPlugin allows the Tabs extension to work better on mobile and at the very least prevents them from breaking to the point of splaying ugly extension code everywhere at worst.

I look forward to any comments before I make any changes, as I also plan to write up a new policy page for best practices so all pages can look good on mobile and desktop platforms going forward.

Note: TabberNeue may require about 24 hours even after a cache purge for the Miraheze servers to catch up, but given it will primarily affect the Community Portal and then only in the short term, this is the only possible downside of the switchover from Tabber to TabberNeue.
Nice. I really like the look of everything there.
Oh, and we've hit 300 messages in this thread...

New thread is here, and starts with a quote of Geth's last post to save everyone the trouble of hopping between threads.
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