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Full Version: Fanfic Recommendations meet Abbott and Costello
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So, pre WORM cannon but post NAHONA? Yeah, that can cause some confusion
From the same sig quotes I found mention of the RWBY/WH40K fic on the previous page in comes Three Frigates and the Abyss, a KanColle fic in which a trio of sailors shipwrecked in Abyssal territory manage to bodge a summoning together... but the severely limited materials mean the girls who answer are wooden sailing ships, originally USS Constellation, then her sisters United States and Chesapeake. Currently a bit over 41K words, the fic recounts their attempt to get home or at least to safety, and is by turns hilarious and cute and honestly tense when things get tight.

With two winners so far, I'm also confident enough to include a link to the third, Verdant as well, though I haven't started it yet and only know that it's a Worm alt-power fic where Taylor gets Poison Ivy's green thumb (and arms, legs, etc.) so mileage may well vary.
(03-08-2019, 08:49 AM)classicdrogn Wrote: [ -> ]In so many words, yes, as the author admitted in the thread.

.... you know, it says something for how Log Horizon and SAO are written that someone else feels that they need to pipe SAO’s setting and characters through Log Horizon’s plot.
I'm going to have to second Drogn's recommendation of "For those we Cherish" excellent story.

"Glassbreaker" is turning into an interesting fusion of Symphogear and Worm.

Reforged: AKA Sauron Did Nothing Wrong (LOTR and Silmarillion/MLP:FiM)
Plot Summary: After a delusional Sauron is defeated, he is sent to Equestria to be "rehabilitated". Refusing to believe he did anything wrong, he decides to "fix" Equestria instead. Absurd skulduggery ensues.
And we're over 300 posts. Time for a new thread.
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