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Just to stop cluttering up the planning threads with these.

If she's trying to blend in, she needs to pick one theme and stick with it...

[Image: __teletha_testarossa_and_bonta_kun_full_...bac0d2.png]


EDIT: Shrunk to 1/10 size
Hah. Cute!
Quoting from the first comment on the Safebooru page, "Nyanoha":

[Image: __takamachi_nanoha_lyrical_nanoha_and_1_...847df3.jpg]
Oh, and BTW...

The cover of her first solo album, before the titles are applied?

[Image: __nakano_azusa_k_on_drawn_by_aaaa_quad_a...f405ea.png]

Shrunk to 2/5 size


Another candidate for the realistic image collection

[Image: __aino_minako_and_sailor_venus_bishoujo_...7ca374.jpg]

I did some work on the wiki earlier today, and I think I've finally finished putting map markers on the "what's nearby" map for Blossom. Here's a screenshot of the map.


Note that there are a couple of other residences on this map - Club Lofts in the lower-left corner, and Appartments Mont-Royal Sud at the farthest right.

Yes, this is what I (and thus Rob) consider to be "nearby". I can get to any of the places marked on the map in one day.

Of course, there's no scale on the map... so I grabbed a few more maps at the same size and scale, for comparison.

Starting with the other place where I expect the distances on these maps won't be a surprise, San Antonio is in the lower-left corner of this map:


Following up with maps of the general areas of the two cities that have a reputation for thinking of the rest of the continent as "flyover country".


And our European contingent, with Dublin close to centered on the map:





Yeah, I suppose Canadians do have a skewed sense of distance, don't we?
well, as the saying goes, "In (North) America, they think 100 years is a long time, and in Europe, they think 100 miles is a long distance."
Oooooh yeah.  Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the bigger states like Texas.  I've gotten some pretty great reactions from my acquaintences in Europe when I tell them that Texas is big enough to eat all of Germany and still have plenty enough room left to take a healthy size bite out of France for dessert.  And that Texan wouldn't think much of a drive from Berlin to Paris except where is the best stop to gas up in the middle.

(I checked.  It's 1027 km - which sounds like a lot, right?  But it's actually only 638 miles.  Not exactly "day trip" distance, but not anything most North Americans would get worked up over, either.  For perspective, I did the 1,104 mile drive from Yuma, Arizona to San Antonio, Texas to bring home my Jetta, and it only took me all of fifteen minutes to plan out that trip.  Getting the airline tickets to get over there to get the car took longer.)
I have to wonder whether this is on Yomi's bedroom wall...

[Image: MPost1377-Tomoandyomimotivate3kn.jpg]

Sailor Moon Infinity is a doujin self-published by Naoko Takeuchi in 1997. Like many other doujin, the book contains "guest art". Thumbnails of the entire book can be found in the Wayback Machine - be warned that page 2 is NSFW in North America. Some of the pages have larger copies saved.

As for what we can use...

Page 4 is "winter mode Usagi".

[Image: sailormoon-artbook-infinity-04.jpg]

Page 22 is the brooding ruler on her throne... and is probably going onto the TNB wiki somewhere.

[Image: sailormoon-artbook-infinity-22.jpg]

Page 34 - Follow That Youma!

[Image: sailormoon-artbook-infinity-34.jpg]

Page 44 (thumbnail only) might go onto the wiki, too - for Ami in Unison Mode. What she's wearing, though...

[Image: sailormoon-artbook-infinity-44.jpg-nggid...10t010.jpg]

Page 30... There has to be a story behind page 30. Maybe they're AU versions of the characters. Maybe they're taking part in a holodeck novel. Maybe they're jumping from universe to universe and are visiting the United Kingdom of a Sakura Wars timeline. Any ideas on how we could use it?

[Image: sailormoon-artbook-infinity-30.jpg]
Mechanic!Usagi is an interesting idea...
Isn't she, though.

Maybe that's our key to using this in TNB. We have no idea what she might end up majoring in, after all - only that she'll end up becoming Queen.
You could do worse for a queen than someone who's learned how to find practical solutions for practical problems, isn't afraid to get a little grimy doing it, and knows when to call a job good enough and move on to the next thing.
I'm tempted to use an element from pre-production notes - specifically, page 16 of the Materials Collection. Usagi needs a Unison Device, right? Smile

[Image: materials016.png]

And a few more, from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Original Picture Collection Vol. IV. This is it for now - the Wayback Machine doesn't have any more images from the collections.

Page 11 - highlighting this one for the Obligatory Beach Episode.

[Image: sailormoon-artbook-4-11.jpg]

Pages 22-23 - happy family.

[Image: sailormoon-artbook-4-22-23.jpg]

Page 30 - springtime outfits. (What I actually went looking for in the first place! And I only found one image.)

[Image: sailormoon-artbook-4-30.jpg]

EDIT: shrunk the images to one-fifth size.
For some reason, I seem to recall somebody looking for a small team that we could simply point at an enemy and let loose (possibly as a diversion).

Found one:

[Image: Rorasa.jpg]

"Sorry, girls -- I'd love to include you in some scenes, we know you're going to be included here, but Black Aeronaut still hasn't had a chance to write your introduction to the Metacontinuity yet. He's been busy."


(Fanart by "uniphon". Cropped from the image from here.)

EDIT: I'll leave it up to BA to put this into a story somewhere... because we all know they'll react like this to something Ben does eventually.
It has to involve *someone* advising a certain someone not to loose their head - because not everyone has watched that show.
Here's something a bit more fun... and it's official art, too.

[Image: Hayate_and_Wolkenritter.jpg]

Much larger version here
Dropping this here so that I don't forget about it - fanart of Mii Konori.

I'm thinking "first day at the range"... and want to write the story to go with it.

EDIT: Okay, e-shuushuu doesn't like image hotlinking. Shrunken to half size and attached - get the full-size image at the link above.

We'd better be careful which displacees we let onto the school ships... or we might end up with Hamazura re-designing the uniforms for Usagi-san Team.

Safe for work? Maybe... but I wouldn't risk it. Hence the link instead of an embed.
(06-17-2021, 07:38 PM)robkelk Wrote: [ -> ]We'd better be careful which displacees we let onto the school ships... or we might end up with Hamazura re-designing the uniforms for Usagi-san Team.

Safe for work? Maybe... but I wouldn't risk it. Hence the link instead of an embed.

Technically safe in that, as the late great Frank Zappa said to USA TODAY re the (in)famous photo of himself on the can, "There are no exciting body parts showing", but yeah, the outfits that stop them showing are probably not outfits you want a prowling boss to see over your shoulder.
Hmmmmm... where was that post... (searches) ...no, wait - it was a PM. The tl;dr was the idea of friendly "run what you brung" sensha-do matches once the academy ships have shown up.

Assuming there's no restrictions on who can participate: linked instead of embedded because (a) the uniforms are too authentic and somebody reading this might be in Germany, and {b) the comments are worth reading.
Displacees get power-ups too, right?

「ヒヤッホォォォウ!サイヤ人だぜぇぇぇぇ!!」 (translation: "YahoOoOooO! I'm a Saiyannnn~~!!")

[Image: __akiyama_yukari_girls_und_panzer_and_2_...cb1db2.jpg]

Reduced to one-fifth original size. Taken from this pool of 90 of the GnP characters in Super-Saiyan mode.
We have a sempai-kohai thing going between characters from two different residences, don't we?

See here and here if the embedding doesn't work.

[Image: dymlh3-84d89a8c-6121-45db-bc6f-c7e782707...Jl1L8IaNWw] [Image: dymly5-c4e54193-46eb-41d1-82c2-dfa6ec8a3...Ybw1wmzXGE]
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